Out Sourcing & Contract Staffing



HR & IT outsourcing companies

In today’s fast paced business economy the flexibility offered by outsourced contract staff plays a key role in organizational success. Clients are able employ staff on First Select’s payroll, enabling temporary or short term staffing solutions, thus allowing them to overcome possible internal, local or international regulatory issues. Contract staffing circumvents the rigidity of the organizational charts, age, demographics and salary grades as staff hired on contract are very much an outsourced resource. Through our licensed payroll management service First select will save your valuable resources, take away your HR headaches and leave you to focus on your core business functionalities.

Cert Networks offer IT Support staff to the companies on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis depending on the complexity of the job. Our trained and certified Engineer will duly perform the duty assigned by the management team and will be an ultimate team player.

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