Firewalls SOLUTIONS 


We offer innovative Firewalls Solutions to consumers, business and service providers without the  cost and complexity of big IT. That’s just the latest evolution of a legacy of innovative  For small to medium organizations . We can give you the best solution and provide answers that fit your budget. Through consultancy we will advise the best equipment for your business and configure, install and support it for you giving you a  Reliable, Affordable and Simple.


16 Modules – Media Conver 16 Modules - Media Converter DMC-700SC RJ-45/SC/SC


3COM Superstack 3 FIREWALL (LAN/DM2/WAN)


8 PortsPOE, EX4200 48T, VCP-O +VCP-1, Management Port x 1,Console x1,P-S-1


Accleration 1900 series